Welcome to the SPS Dev Center! This expansive community is made up of expert software developers, system integrators and business analysts working together to create solutions for the retail industry using the SPS Commerce Universal Network.

These solutions connect thousands of retailers with applications from Microsoft, NetSuite, Oracle SAP, and hundreds more. As a developer within an organization, an independent software vendor or value added reseller, the Dev Center is your one-stop shop for tools, resources and training to begin building applications that connect to the industry's largest retail enterprise cloud service.

Dev Center Roadmap

SPS Commerce is committed to helping you build high-quality applications and services. Follow this roadmap to achieve success:

  1. Learn about Dev Center - Read up on the latest integration methods and standards.
    Review the Developer Resources and download the schema definitions you need to build your solutions.
  2. Build the integration solution - Transform application data to the SPS RSX schema definitions. Connect, send transactions, and interact with data generated from the SPS platform and your application.
  3. Validate completed integration - Work with the SPS Integration Team to verify that your solution works as designed. Leverage SPS system test facilities to confirm that data can be exchanged with the SPS network.
  4. Production - Use your validated solution and the SPS Universal Network to reach thousands of retailers, suppliers, logistics providers, and many more.